Friday, 16 May 2014

How to dress to impress for your upcoming interview!

With summer knocking on our doors, people all over the UK are digging through their wardrobes to find their shorts and flip-flops for what will hopefully be (fingers crossed), a very long, hot season.

Deciding what to wear when summer arrives is a very important issue, as you obviously want to look good when you hit the beach, making that great impression to those around you.

But, have you ever considered that this is also a vital decision when preparing for a job interview?

When planning for an interview, it is essential that you guarantee that excellent first impression, and what you wear is actually a major contributing factor on that all important glance that begins it all.
With an utter mass of articles circling the topic of what to wear for an interview, here we will highlight some of the key points that crop up across all industries.

Bailey Finch's dress to impress criteria for that perfect interview outfit:
First of all, dress professional. It really is as simple as that. This means, idyllically neutral or dark colours. You don't want to blind your interviewer with that fluorescent tie of yours. Make sure that your clothes are appropriate, and not of a provocative nature- after all, this isn't a date! Try to down-size on accessories, as sparkly jewellery or flamboyant scarves may distract attention away from the interview and therefore taking away from what you are putting forward. Keep it toned down, smart and not too 'blingy'.
Make sure your clothes work with you. There is nothing worse than wearing a piece of clothing which is too small, as this may make you feel awkward or uncomfortable and it’s definitely not comfy; additionally, it may result in you excessively fidgeting throughout your interview. Remember, if it’s not comfortable it’s not right.
As with a trip to the beach, during a job interview the tiny details also matter.
Make sure your nails are clean and tidy. You don't want to look like you have been pulling up your garden. And girls, chipped nail varnish is a big no go.
Check that your last little bits are appropriate. For example, when choosing shoes, make sure they match your outfit and most importantly make sure that they're clean. Furthermore, for men it’s definitely advisable to wear a dark coloured pair of socks and not ones with cartoons on. For women, make sure your tights are not laddered or holey; carry a spare pair just in case.
Ironing is a chore many of us like to avoid but when it comes to an interview, it is tremendously important to remember to iron your outfit; wrinkly clothes are really not a good look and will show a lack of pride.
Moreover, make sure you do your ironing the night before your interview. With all the interview preparation it is easy to forget about it, but leaving it til the last minute is running the risk of a panicked rush job; something nobody wants.
To review, dressing for an interview is just as significant as dressing for a trip out, or for a date. It’s all about attention to detail, feeling comfortable and looking presentable.
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